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Média Szolgáltatások Gyógyszervíz Írásaim Kapcsolat

 Boléro Under the Auspices of the Planets

 Dressing as the Individual's Art of Self-Realization

 Clothing Makes the Man

 Judgement and Pride are the Manifestations of Superiority of the Left Brain Hemisphere

 When the Best Advice is to Keep Silent

 The Dream Adventurer

 The Dreamguy

 The Dreamguy 2.

 I judge therefore I am

 Love at first sight

 How to protect against the negative energies?

 So what?s up now?

 The spirit of the planets

 Tips on Meals


 The mystery of films

 Constantine (2005)

 Devil's advocate

 The exorcism of Emily Rose

 Forrest Gump


 Star -wars

 The Others


 Silent Hill






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Happiness Barometer

Our Reactions Determine the Direction of Our Destiny

Introduction-We Could Be Happier Better

Serotonin, the Indicator of Beauty, and the Creator of Harmony

The End Stage of Dopamine Deficiency is Homelessness

The Dream Adventurer by Lea Kajkó


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