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From the photos in the ’’About us” section, 2 others were also stolen, and one probably stolen:

Man under the name John Buttler is apparently Kevin Rockwood, a model of Focus Models and Talent Hawaii ( >> on this site, in the rollable strip, one can find the very picture with the purple pull).

The man in the photo of ’’Mr. Steven Cox’’ can be found under the name Jamie Johnson on Myspace

Woman in photo is in fact Lana Brooke (teen model with many nude or partially nude photos, e.g. here

"Hook’" "Buttler" and "Glaba" are on LinkedIn with the same names as on the GLD website, that’s how I found them.

During my life, they asked me several times what the man is like whom I could imagine on my side.

Well, it seemed to be self-evident and unanswerable at the same time.

Simply, he should be open-hearted and accepting.
The sad fact is that I haven’t seen a relationship that I would have imagined for myself either in the case of my relatives, or among my acquaintances.

It’s possible of course that it was only me who saw it badly and that the men I know are kind, attentive, understanding with their partners, they always support them and respect the ladies’ interests even if those differ considerably from the man’s system of belief.

For a long time, it was the society of younger men that I enjoyed, saying that they don’t have a limited way of thinking yet, they are more open, their thinking isn’t as rigid as my age-group’s, but then with time I had to realize that narrow-mindedness or freedom of spirit for example don’t depend on the date of one’s birth.

Thanks to a Hungarian rock legend, I had to wake up to the truth that there are still people who cannot have enough of loving life and gorging its good things even after their 7th decade. One can be fit and open to new things even at grandfather-age.

And concerning men in their 30s, there’s plenty of them who are blinkered.

I’ve written about it several times that I love the Sziget festival, since the cultural, musical, ethnic, traditionally dressed, religious potpourri that can be found there for me is as if I got the essence of the vibration of the planet’s all inhabitants.

In 2012 august I was doing my usual tour among the different pavilions when I noticed that next to the site of bungee jumping, rocker-style young people were having themselves photographed with an elderly couple.

When I caught sight of them, I had a good chuckle at the spectacle me, too, because there was a well-combed, gentlemanly man wearing a blue shirt well-known from the Mexican isles, with a suiting pair of shorts, while his partner had the same on but orange.
The couple formed a refreshing dash of colour among those wearing black leather and blue jeans.

I immediately called my female friend to say that I thought I could already formulate what kind of a partner I’d like to have – so, someone who is open enough even in his 50s to put a Mexican shirt on.

I got him, and it created an enormous emotional storm in me.

This story is about that (as well).

2012 was the saddest, most trial-filled year of my life.

In addition to losing my father, fate cut the ground from under my feet again.

I was, once again, standing on the doorstep of world-fame, I was negotiating with a man who works with the biggest stars, he liked both my scripts and my other event-ideas, he asked for detailed plans from me, assured me that I could think in millions of dollars, then before we would have met, he had a heart-attack again.

I was shaken, I didn’t care about anybody or anything.

In this sombre period, it came as refreshment that I got a message on Facebook from a man who was writing about himself that while he had been looking for his old class mates on the page, he had come across my picture as well - it’s a painting representing me which is there instead of a photo – and that he liked me very much, and we could possibly talk, if I felt like doing so.

When I saw his photo, it took away my breath, because the charming gentleman in the photo was in my blue Mexican shirt…

The process of getting acquainted with each other started with difficulties, but I thought I was at least practicing the English language.

The individual presented himself as Robert Hook, and stated that he was an architect from Liverpool, but staying in Lagos at the moment with his daughter, since he was building a foundation school at the time.

Voila, the perfect guy, created for me even by God!

Intelligent, likes travelling, has a daughter of 12, so me, too, I can have a child a bit, accepts me, has his own secure income, and what’s more, it points to a free spirit that he put my blue shirt on.

He had a very elaborate style with well-chosen words, and was very kind and attentive.

Right at the beginning, he asked me to open my heart towards him and accept him.

I was surprised to hear my own wish from his mouth.

I was convinced that something exceptional was happening, since he was attuned to me to an astonishing degree, he would almost find out my thoughts.

Sometimes it was as if he were eavesdropping, because what I was talking about during the day, he wrote about in the evening.

I was interested in his person more and more, but I’m one of the women who can’t be seduced by words, me, I need acts in order to be able to trust someone.

He sensed somehow this as well, because he rang me up and said, ‘"I want you to hear, too, how important you are for me".

Ok, ok, I knew that love at first sight happens at times, and the celestials keep saying that that Special Person will accept me as I am, but it was difficult for me to believe it as real after having experienced many negative examples.

Whenever I started having doubts concerning his feelings, he would call me at once to give emphasis to his words.

I always sensed when he thought of me because I would feel extreme heat in my chest. I sensed the moment, too, when he wrote to me, or his intention that he wanted to call me, because in a few seconds the phone started ringing.

This warm energy with which he encompassed me felt good.

After my father’s death, I had felt that there hadn’t been a single man in the world any more for whom I would have been important, but then fate sent him.

He wrote beautiful things, jokingly, I gave an account of that to my friends by saying that he must have quoted from a book because all that was too beautiful to be written by a rational-thinking man.

I would joke a lot with his family name due to its meaning, I would always say how ‘’I really took the hook”.

How precise my wording was, was found out only later.

It’s true that it disturbed me a little when he called me, because the vibrations of the photo and the voice coming from the telephone weren’t identical.

The voice was too high-pitched when compared to the stature, but people tend to raise their tone 1-2 octave higher when they are nervous (or lying), so I took the tense tone of voice rather a compliment, thinking that it’s like that because of me.

There were a couple disturbing things, however, for example, that he never answered when I would ask why it was him who was raising her daughter, if he had any brothers or sisters, or if his parents were living.

I was surprised to see that if he was an architect, why he didn’t know the proportion of centimetre and foot – it was me who explained it to him -, and I didn’t understand, either, that if he was from Liverpool, how come he’d never heard of the Robert Hooke of the 1600s who was the designer of Liverpool’s more renowned buildings.

The reaction to all my questions was, ‘’I love You’’, ‘’I miss You’’, or ‘’What did you eat?’’.

This was the daily ‘’menu’’, so to speak, at least regarding our communication.

I admit that I found it difficult to ‘’I love you’’ to him all the time, as I said, I am a man of action when it comes to love, but if it was what felt good for him, then so be it.

At least I learned the English name of a lot of dishes, but I didn’t understand why he reacted with ‘’miss you’’ again when I asked him whether he loved scouse, the national food of the people from Liverpool which similar to goulash, and which is even used as the name of the local dialect.

His kindness gave me much, no question about that ‒ as he would sense if something bad happened to me and reacted to it, and it felt good that he asked me daily what I did that particular day, what it was like (what I ate).

When Valentine day was approaching, I had a pillow case made on which my décolletage could be seen, with the inscription, ‘’this is the place where you can lay your tired head’’, I added two necklaces with angels for his daughter, as well as a window mandala, on which there was a sailboat ‒ this one, as a symbol, indicated that the anchor can be cast ‒, and sent them in a package to a Lagos address still in mid-January, so that he get it in time.

As the postal address, he gave not his own name but that of his assistant.

I didn’t have a doubt, me, too, I had many problems in the beginning when a registered parcel arrived in my name, without seeing a home address card, they don’t give out just anything in European countries, either.

The parcel arrived in 9 days, but only the pillow case, the rest had been taken out.

It was strange for me that he kept scolding the Hungarian post, saying that the package must have been opened here, and he called upon me to account for the fact that he had to pay at the post office.

‘’Accidentally’’, the husband of the woman who makes the angels is Nigerian, so I could see the affair in its true colours about the conditions there.
The lady related that they cannot send a parcel to her husband’s family because the packages are looted, even the suitcases are opened sometimes that are placed in the luggage compartment of the plane.

I didn’t understand why it was the Hungarians whom an English gentleman was scolding, when he must have known local conditions.

We made things clear and chatted on.

In the first day of February he suddenly announced that he would finish his work in 2 weeks and that they were coming to Budapest with his daughter, so I should find a good hotel for them.

I was at a loss what to do, if I should tidy my rooms, go to solarium, the hairdresser, the manicurist, perhaps the pedicurist, or start a quick diet???
I hadn’t had a date for years ‒ it’s embarrassing, I know, and now that I admit it, even more so ‒ I didn’t know what to do first.

Then I remembered what the angels had said, “that Special Someone accepts you as you are”, so as I was staying in Slovakia at the time, off I went to buy all sorts of “local” specialties, so that I could show him the culinary customs of my mother country.

Then another tragedy happened in my life which is very difficult to get over.

That only friend of mine who visited me everywhere I lived so far, who knew all my jobs, my parents, relatives, partners, lost his life.

I found myself in a difficult situation, euphoria and mourning, it was very demanding.

I asked my dream guy to postpone his visit to after the burial.

The last thing I could do for my friend was to visit her mother and stand by them during the burial.

Until then, I’m unable to pay attention to anything else.

The gentleman expressed his condolences with a sentence, but we didn’t talk more that day.

The following day I travelled to Budapest, so I didn’t have access to the net.

In the evening, I switched off my phone and fell asleep.

In the morning, I saw that someone called me several times from a Nigerian number, I turned on the computer, and got the message, “baby something terrible has happened let’s talk”.

At that moment I felt as though I was hit in the solar plexus.
I started to pray, “Please, don’t ask for money from me”.

There isn’t anything more disillusioning for me than when a man asks for money from a woman.

When I let him know that I’m online, he came up with a story that his daughter was in hospital, and that someone had stolen his wallet with all his papers, he couldn’t come away from his daughter, but that he had to pay 500 Euros to the doctor but he only had 200 with him, and that he was going to receive the money for his work only 2 weeks later.

I can’t even begin to say what emotional storms were raging in me.

The disappointment, doubt and pity at the same time.

My rationality didn’t let me judge him, because then it was only a couple months later that my banker acquaintance had lost his wallet in Vienna and so had been unable to pay in any manner.
No matter what kind of a post he has in a bank, then he hadn’t been able to get money, so he turned to the woman who was the closest to him, his wife.

In fact, it must have felt good that in trouble, it was me who he turned to, but still, there was doubt in me.

Recently, I’ve been badly off –since people don’t have money, they can’t pay to me, either – the sum he asked for was nonsense to me, but here, too, his visionary ability showed itself, because it was exactly 500 Euros that I had from my father’s heritage, which I had set aside to have my teeth fixed from it.

I didn’t know what to do.

I called my astrologer female friend, she looked at our charts based on the birth date the man had given, and according to the positions of the planets, I had a karmic debt towards the man…

I said that I had sent him a parcel, and my friend answered that this debt is to be interpreted in a way whether I was able to renounce something in his favour; then I said that I paid a big sum for the insurance of the package, and that perhaps, that was enough.

I called my clairsentient friend, and to him, the celestials said only that I had to pay but not as much as he had been asking for.

I forgot to mention that before I started to ponder about sending him money, Hook had sent me his address and the name where I had to send it.

I told him that through Western Union, he could equally give his own name, we don’t need a local inhabitant, and that he only had to give me the number of his passport.

Then an awful row, more exactly, a tantrum, started.

He showered it upon me what sort of a love it is if I didn’t trust him.

I stuck to my asking for a paper number.

All this happened on the phone, and needless to say, he hung up.

I evoked his behaviour then, the countless “strange” reactions, and the picture started to clear up that I was dealing with a scammer.

The following day, I got a letter that I had to face the fact that he did have a passport – of course, he had! Without that, he wouldn’t have been able to fly anywhere from England! – but, given that, apparently, I didn’t trust him, I had to forget him and his daughter, Mitchel, forever.
That I had to face it that I’d broken his heart and that I walked out on a sick child…

…and he banned me from his page…

I love emotional blackmail…

Of course, he called me the following day several times and apologized, wrote pleading letters, etc.

I thought it was time to practice forgiving.

To be honest, I like the man in the photo very much, and I couldn’t decide what I would want more, if it had turned out that it was him, the person in the photo, who asked for money, or whether it would be better if it turned out that the picture and the blackmailer are not the same person?

Fortunately, I have a super-secret weapon, let’s call her Dia now, and sky has put much (sometimes annoying) Mercurial energy in her basket, with which she’s capable of unbelievable things on the Internet.

With the photo, she started researching my dream guy.

What she found was shocking.

A lot of women had been ripped off with a similar method with my beloved blue-shirted picture.

Since both from the celestials and my colleagues I received the message that I had things to do with “them”, I continued the correspondence as if nothing had happened.

I admit that I was totally worn out with it, if not for the technique “acupuncture for the mind”, I would have had a mental breakdown.

The man with his psychic abilities sensed which women were embittered, and by promising them love, he was manipulating them to the point where they eventually paid to him.

More precisely, seeing the large number of profiles, it must be several men, all of whom put the blue-shirted photo into action as a bait to gain the women’s favour for themselves.

At times with a sick boy, at other times with a sick little girl, they obtained the women’s sympathy, so that their wallets open, too.

Since the celestials clearly let me know that I owed him – and from now on, I will call him ‘’alias Hook” -, I sent him 200 Euros.

How burlesque-like the entire operation was, and that it was successful only for the 4th time, I won’t detail now, but I will use that story once, too.

I knew that I’d never get that money back, but I didn’t have to get it back, either, because it was me who paid something back, which I got to know only later.

I wrote to “alias Hook” that I know of the other women and that for my part, this was it.
I also said that he could use his psychic abilities for other things, too, and that in that matter, I could even give him advice, I wasn’t angry with him for what he’d done, but it would be good if he revealed himself, that way, I could even possibly help him. I tried to offer him different alternatives, saying that I could teach him the techniques with which they could reach bigger achievements in learning and sports, - that if they introduced these alternative teachings methods in Nigeria, the nation could come up to a level where all the world would turn its attention to them – of course, he ignored this letter of mine, he didn’t even react to it.

It’s possible that he was living his part as a hero-lover so much that he didn’t even grasp its meaning, and that he couldn’t take on such everyday topics.

He maintained his story fanatically, he didn’t fall out of his role, as he had done with the passport.

He told me that I broke his heart again, because he’d never loved anyone else but me.

After that, I was rolling about in my bed for 2 days, my heart was beating rapidly, I was about to faint every minute, I was hardly able to lift up my arms, it was like when someone has withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve already written about this, that negative energy, too, is able to elicit a feeling of love.

Sects are working based on that.

They seek out those who are suffering from a lack of love, they fill them up with their own energy, and the person who had been suffering from an emotional emptiness up to that point, is moved to tears from the “love” energy that is showering on them and the victims start clinging fanatically to the individual who triggered this “love” flow in them.
They stop thinking reasonably, turn against their loved ones, and want to belong only to their “saviour”.

This is the energy with which one can perfectly manipulate and blackmail others.
In the recent past, my 12-year friendship ended with someone precisely because of her having gotten under the spell of a man who had been moving such energies.

Well, I tried this energy me, too, and it was indeed ecstatic to be in it, but thanks God it hasn’t taken leave of my senses entirely, and at the cost of physical sickness, I’ve come out of it.

It was possible only because I wasn’t angry with him, I didn’t judge him, I did my best to keep up a neutral state towards him.

When he stated that I was the first, or the only one, it can be true after all, that I was his first victim, because why did he keep mentioning Euro?
This is the official currency neither in England, nor in Nigeria, nor in Hungary, and through WU, only Dollar can be sent.

As for his date of birth, in such a situation, it will come out what things I have to do with the person, no matter whether it is the real or a fake date he gives.

My astrologer female friend admitted that the chart, apart from indicating that we are attracted to each other, and that I owe him, didn’t show any other signs that would have indicated that we would be living together…

So I paid.

In secret, I was hoping that with Dia’s help, I would find perhaps the gentleman in the photo.

For the fun of it, I wrote to all of them on FB whom we had found.

There was Jeff Clooney, Richard Simons, Rodney Paris and many others, I found 8 blue shirted pictures altogether just on that single page.

I wrote the usual ‘’I miss You” to all of them.

The Rodney replied immediately, calling me already princess.

Another direct hit.

My readers know that one of my favourite films is Star Wars, and the reference to princess Leia has always touched my vanity.

The “alias Hook” had stated that he was 51 years old, this “gentleman” 47.

He was much more prepared than his predecessor, he gave me all the personal data – height, weight in every unit of measurement, and what is more, for some reason, he even gave the size of his shirt and the quality of his hair.
Complete home- and workplace address, again in Liverpool.

Later, for the sake of emphasis concerning what a bigwig he is, he even uploaded a picture where his own house and car could be seen – the only problem was that after I’d looked up the Bolton Street he’d had given, I found only old buildings mellowed by age, while in the picture, a modern living-house could be seen.

He also had taken care that when he uploaded newer pictures about “himself”, a “perhaps” lady commented on them saying, “Oh, Rodney! How good you look in these pictures!”
With this comment, he authenticated the pictures, so to speak, that the person with whom I was in contact with was who was in the picture.

My problem was only that the man in the picture was surely older than 47, I guessed even older than 51.

I had a good chuckle that it is just as difficult for people of colour to make a guesstimate about the age of a white man than it is for us to estimate theirs.

In fact, at first, I felt like going on playing with him, to see how much time it would take for him to come forward with his request for money, but I let it hang finally.

In the meantime, Dia was pouring the other “aliases” for me.

I’m using this term intentionally, because it’s only the “i” that must be changed to “j”, and immediately, I already describe the behaviour of the individual exactly, however, I mustn’t do that. /Note: the word “aljas” means “vile, base, mean” in Hungarian./

When I asked the celestials why I’m getting all this, I received the answer that it was for practicing judgmentlessness, so that I should learn to be neutral towards them.

Oh! They already said that often, that I should “react by not reacting”, it’s only that it’s very difficult to do when there’s a situation.

I was joking that I was like Roxan from Cyrano, I loved one and lost him twice.

Since I kept receiving the message that I should go on looking for the person in the picture, I went beyond Roxan’s role.

While we are on the subject of novel characters, my favourite stories as a child were – apart from the Bible, Dostoyevsky and Boccaccio -, the Indian adventure stories.
(Yes, I was a complicated soul already then.)

The man in the picture for me was as if he had stepped out from a Karl May novel, as if I had been seeing one of the characters of the emotional world of my teen years, so I will call the REAL person Old Shatterhand from now on, in order to guard his personality.

Yes, you are right, I FOUND HIM.

But before that, we browsed a lot of fake profiles and fake pages.

Dia did the minute work, and it was only the summaries that ended up in my hand, but even this way, there was much to read for me.

We found a very professional site which presented the gentleman called Robert G Hook as an outstanding architect.

Still, I was a bit taken aback seeing the profile of the business, because in addition to oil rigs, they were engaged in the building of hangars, simple houses, and laptops.

Since it seemed very professional, I didn’t have doubts, I wrote a letter to the given company e-mail address, but before sending it off – then my poor English came handy, because while I was waiting for someone to read through my letter for grammatical correctness, Dia found out where the website was made, and that in the professional manager-photos, photo models can be seen…

I was really perplexed about who was who, and the other women felt the same way I suppose.

We found a comment which states that a Skype-video exists which the scammers stole from Old Shatterhand, and it is what they are using, even though the picture is not continuous, it is jumping here and there, and the movement of the mouth is asynchronous – but it is him who is in the picture, it is completely as if it was the REAL person.

We started to enlarge the different photos with Dia, I already had at least 15 pictures, and we thought we were seeing German words here and there, which wasn’t surprising for me because in one of the photos, Old Shatterhand is wearing a Bavarian national costume, so we got closer to Germany.

It’s not by chance that I took Karl May’s novel as a basis, because as it turned out eventually, the individual is indeed German.

However, before we found the ORIGINAL person, I had things to do with the others.

According to the celestials, it was very important that the feeling I was circulating towards them should be neutral.

That I forgive them, so that I could find the one I was looking for.

It took several hours’ work for me until I was able to let go of the feelings of anger, offendedness and humiliation, and I was ready for the continuation of the story.

The day I got the contact address of the REAL person I was hesitating whether I should really contact him, whether he wouldn’t receive my approaching badly.

I don’t know if it was my doubts, my pain due to my lost friend, or the not yet processed anger towards the scammers. Nevertheless, the frequency of malevolent beings became stronger around me.

I knew that since I lost my balance those past days due to the events that occurred, the protection around me became weaker.

When I entered the house from the courtyard and I made a furious gesture with my hand in the air due to the wrongs I had suffered, I stumbled in the stairs and fell in a way that I hit even my head into the door.

My body signalled the fear of further disappointments, losses on all levels.

I didn’t know even whether it was an intimidation, or only my own subconscious fear of loss, whether fate wanted to say that I had to look for, or that I shouldn’t look for the real Old Shatterhand.

As I like challenges and pain doesn’t deter me from anything, I wrote the letter already that day.

My left ankle swelled up – ankle: ATTUNEMENT/INDIFFERENCE – so I did my best to attune to the REAL person, and let go of my “who cares” attitude, ‒ left side, the hurt happened in the past.

Both of my knees swelled up – knee: ASSURANCE/FEAR OF LOSS - both in the past and in the present, so I did my best to gather my self-confidence.

My left elbow reinforced this as well, because the elbow suggests fear of losses, but it was “only” on my left side, so it led me back into the past.

My shoulders were speaking about the lack of INTEREST, and up until this very day – 3 weeks later‒, they are signalling with pain that I haven’t yet dealt with the OFFENDEDNESS, neither from the past, nor from the present.

I can say that every bit of my body was wishing for and was afraid at the same time of meeting the man.

He surprised me pleasantly by answering my letter in a couple hours, it was also a good surprise hearing his voice when we talked on the phone, and I think both of us were surprised positively that already in the first minutes, we laughed heartily at each other’s puns.

He said that he receives many reproachful letters, because the women who were ripped off believe that he is behind the fake aliases.

I was curious about how his things are going, and unfortunately I was right, the hate flowing towards him and the expectations are hindering his business successes.

Many would consider it flattering to have so many women fantasize and daydream about him, but unfortunately it’s not so.
I often see in the case of stars what health problems it causes when too much sexual desire is flowing towards them.
Not to mention the disappointed, deceived, exploited women’s anger…

When we exchanged letters, the celestials explained the causes of each thing.

With my contacting him, his interest turned towards me, and I received permission to look into one of his previous lives, which provides an explanation for the events.

Supposedly, in a previous life, Old Shatterhand was a military leader in the 12th century, who wanted to organize an army against a then oppressor, so that he could liberate his people from under the oppression of the foreign culture.

I was a magician who used sexual energies for healing.
Thanks to my seductive appearance, I often misused my qualities, and I was using my attractiveness to manipulate others.

As money, success and power were of primary importance for me, it didn’t cause a bad conscience if they bought my services, if they corrupted me.

In this case, I was paid to seduce him, to divert his thoughts, so under the effect of my spell, he made bad decisions, until finally even his own people turned against him, saying, one can’t trust someone who can be manipulated by a woman to such an extent, and eventually he was executed.

Well, when I paid to “alias Hook”, I gave back what I got at the time for discrediting Old Shatterhand, and at the same time I paid to be able to find him again and that I could settle what needs to be settled with him in this life.

Well, this is one of the reasons that this writing was born.

And as for the people – because it’s said that the victims are not only women – who get stuck in Old Shatterhand’s picture and pay, well, they are the soldiers who were Old Shatterhand’s friends, direct subordinates at that time, and whom he trusted unconditionally, but who betrayed him.

They, too, have to pay for their betrayal in that previous life.

They have to understand that they mustn’t hate the person in the picture, because he is just as innocent in this life, as he was in the previous one.

In the previous one, it was me who caused that no one could see clearly, now it’s me who has to clear him.

I’m collecting the “aliases”, if their name are put into the search engine, the person who was duped or has doubts only, if he or she types the person’s name in the engine, then this writing will open.

On a scammer-unmasking page we found a lot of other stories.

There was someone whom the “sick child” called “mummy” on the phone.

By the way, they almost pulled a fast one similarly with me as well, when we were talking on the phone, I heard the voice of a heartily laughing girl in the background.

I admit it was a very good trick. I was touched how open a dad he is, that he is courting his significant other in front of his daughter, me, I was too pleased for words.
Then, in the money-begging period he said, for example, that when he spoke to the doctor, he would call his wife, who would send the money.
At first I felt relieved, thinking it would be solved without my money after all, but then I had to realize that the wife, that’s me.

That one I felt a bit strong, to be somebody’s wife without knowing even what he’s like in bed…

Nevertheless, I’m sure that we are talking about several people and groupings.

In connection with my “alias” I had the feeling me, too, as if I was corresponding with two people, at times with a more intelligent, at times with someone slightly weaker in the head. The weak in the head was “I love you”-ing, and “miss you”-ing to keep up my interest, the other was snowing me.

I’m asking the ladies, if they possess any kind of address, bank account where they sent the money, that instead of disparaging words, could you, please, send these data to this e-mail address: leah@leas.ws

I know it will be difficult to grasp what I wrote at the first go.
I had to practice a lot me, too, until I’ve learnt to forgive and not to judge.

I understand the scammers as well, everyone makes a living by doing what he or she can, it depends on us whether we allow it.

Karmic debt or not, no one should be allowed to commit crimes, because it only creates a dependent connection between the victim and the scammer for the following lives.

The best is to forgive now, to settle it, so that we don’t carry it on.


For the romantic-minded, the natural would be if we fell in love, me and the guy of my dreams, and lived happily ever after.

However, this is the planet of FREE WILL, what I want is one thing, but I have to take into consideration his will as well.

A lot of women, a lot of expectations, they expect him to act upon all that his aliases promised.
I mustn’t do that to him, I can’t have expectations towards him.

I have to let him decide what can be done and when, or what is allowed.

I manipulated him in my previous life, and now I have to set free, accept, no matter how he decides.

How many women can there be who have fallen in love with him simply by seeing his pictures, but who haven’t found him.

How much sexual energy must flow towards him. And how much anger.

To be together with him intimately would be as if we were many in the bed.

Of course, these energies can be taken off of him, in the same way what I do when well-known men ask me to clear their auras of their female fans’ sexual energies, because these are seriously blocking their intimate lives…

Such desire-energies can cause even serious financial losses to the object of the desire, the many fans have the object of their love bound hand and foot.

Well, how kind a state it is for my Old Shatterhand, he has to know that himself, I will help him readily if he asks me.

The astrological chart shows unambiguously that we have come from the same place, so we probably effect each other’s development positively, this is still a question of the future.

According to the celestials, we were each other’s partner in a lot of previous lives, but this doesn’t necessarily mean, either, that we will be in this life as well, it just makes it probable that we would be getting on well with each other.

They also indicated that there is a parallel and a bond between our fates, what either of us does, has an effect on the other’s life, so the most I can do for myself in this case is that I’m helping him with all my knowledge – of course, it’s him who has to decide it first whether he’d like to have my support.

The most I can do for him at the moment is that I’d like to restore his honour by writing this material.

And what will happen, or whether there will be a continuation, either in relation to exposing the scammers, or in whether ladies will contact me, or whether something interesting will happen in another respect, all that depend on his and my free will and the celestials’ assistance.

In any case, I promise that this writing will be expanded with some sentences if the story will have a continuation.
(But you can keep your fingers crossed for us! That is permitted.)

My “alias” kept asking me if I believe in love: yes, I do, in spite of his having done everything to kill this feeling in me.

Ladies, those of you who are getting this question continually, and to whom a postal address with one of this names Kelvin Alaita, Adjetey James or Lawrence A. Johnson is given, can be certain that you have met my “alias”.

My “alias” kept asking me if I believe in love: yes, I do, in spite of his having done everything to kill this feeling in me.

Ladies, those of you who are getting this question continually, and to whom a postal address with the name Kelvin Alaita is given, can be certain that you have met my “alias”.

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